Toro MyRide Suspension Review

For many years, large property owners and commercial lawn maintenance businesses have favored zero-turn mowers. Operator comfort is improving as zero-turn technology spreads into the general consumer market.

Previously, Toro’s MyRide suspension technology was only available on its Z Master and TimeCutter HD models. Recently, they started incorporating it into the TimeCutter MX as well.

For added comfort, these models also include an 18′′ premium cushion and a cutting deck that was created using IronForged technology. Overall, you benefit from durability and comfort with very sturdy construction with this customizable suspension-style seat.

The MyRide suspension system’s comfortable ride and smart extras like Toro’s Smart Speed adjustment technology enhance the mowers’ potent performance. For those who are new to zero-turn mowers, this one is practical.

It should come as no surprise that Toro’s mowers are quite powerful, comfortable to use, and simple to control. Additional attachments include a recycler kit to mulch grasses, a grass-striping tool, and a bagger, along with several tow-behind lawn care instruments.

The MyRide feature raises the user more than 3 inches above the mower chassis on a floating dock with cushioned independent mobility. An adjustable shock-absorption mechanism that absorbs any lumps in the terrain and cushions the platform gives for an incredibly smooth ride.

At this point, we should note the mid-mount deck setup positions the user directly above the mower frame, which gives excellent clarity. Additionally, we quickly stepped up the pace for short mowing thanks to the Smart Speed control technology.

Despite all its advantages, it’s crucial to recognize that there are a few areas in which Toro lawn mowers fall short. Most significantly, it is not intended for usage in terrain with hills. According to the manufacturer, a slope of more than 15 degrees should be avoided.

Minnesota-based Toro Company was established in 1914. The business established a longstanding reputation for creating cutting-edge, dependable mowing gear for over a century.

It evolved to become the industry’s top producer of commercial zero-turn mowers. However, many Toro mowers are now beginning to focus on the residential market, paying equal attention to performance, efficiency, and user comfort.

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